Choose from over 75 different retractable roof solutions to create the optimal climate to achieve your crop and financial objectives

Looking for basic protection from adverse weather or want to optimize every aspect of the growing environment when producing berries, fruits, vegetables, or flowers? You can now choose from over 75 different solutions using our automatic retractable roof greenhouses, cooling houses, and automatic retractable field covering systems. You can benefit from our 40 years of experience creating crop production systems that have helped grower around the world combine the advantages of the natural outdoors with automatic protection so that you can:

  • Ensure that you achieve consistent yields regardless of the weather extremes
  • Increase fruit size, firmness and brix to achieve higher prices and ship longer distances
  • Target the higher price windows by advancing or extending the harvests
  • Increase plant health to reduce or eliminate the use of chemical fungicides and insecticides
  • Reduce the use of water and electricity during hot conditions using retractable cooling roofs
  • Avoid the need for fossil fuel for heating by producing in warmer climates
  • Protect crops from insects using stationary or retractable insect net

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What the cherry, grape and berry industry has been wanting for years…is now available! Introducing Cravo’s AUTODRY™ automatic retractable rain shelters systems…the newest member to the Cravo family of retractable roof houses!

The Science Behind the Retractable Roof Production System

The retractable roof production system or RRPS has been developed by Cravo over the last 40 years, to help growers create superior results using a system that combines the benefits of climate optimization, nature and protection.


10 steps to creating your “Retractable Roof Production System”™

40 years of experience with Retractable roof coverings, drive systems and structural designs.


Interview of Richard Vollebregt, President of Cravo

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Part 1

00:05: History and stages of development of retractable roof houses

05:42: How does the change in plant development impact on disease and insects?

10:22: Computer automation strategy and how it differs from conventional greenhouses.

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Part 2

00:05 : Overview on the different retractable roof models

03:13 : What could be the maximum size of one structure?

09:07 : Why does a retractable roof covering last longer than a retractable roof greenhouse poly? Hail/wind resistance

14:02: How do you ensure that you get a good return on investment and why farmers in India and the Middle East have struggled to be profitable using conventional greenhouses?

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Part 3

00:05 : How growing different crops in different climates led to the development of the retractable cooling house.

07:45 : What is the profile of a typical user who adopts retractable roof technology?

10:13 : How does Cravo define success?

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